Launch of Orange Fiber service was organized in the form of a press and sales conference for managers and partners and gathered up to 500 people, including: sales managers and partners, journalists and the company’s top management. During the meeting, participants were able to experience Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology and the Orange Fiber service. This helped better understand its importance in the modern world, and not only learn about the technology.


The agency had to focus on how to present the modern Internet connection and FTTH technology in an attractive and convincing way, which at the same time was in line with reality and the company’s marketing needs. How and whether the company should move away from the technological slang to provide information necessary in the sales process but at the same time not lose its credibility? JETEVENTS faced such questions when planning events related to the launch of the service. The answer preceded by thorough preparations came relatively quickly: users of FTTH and Fiber service should talk their mind about it.


An important part of the conference which took place at the EXPO XXI in Warsaw was a theatrical spectacle which showed the life of a typical family in which technology played a significant role. In a dozen scenes we presented a funny intrigue woven into the fate of the Malinowski family, showing how they use many devices connected to the network every day. In each scene, the agency has proven that the metaphorical family (i.e. all of us) need access to information, education, communication, entertainment, security, health on daily basis – and all these areas today are not only strongly associated with modern technologies, but they cannot do without it. JETEVENTS created an extensive scenery with a nearly 50-meter stage (Malinowski’s apartment), we installed several hundred devices that were part of the act and which were also used afterwards by the participants. Furthermore, the show was characterized by live streaming events on the Internet, invited experts – technology bloggers and a dozen showrooms presenting the new service possibilities.


The creative approach to technology has delivered the desired effect. The theater performance, speeches given by bloggers – spokespersons for FTTH technologies, showrooms, press conference and speeches given by Orange experts have created a multidimensional, dynamic and effective event mixer. The event and the service presented during the meetings were remembered for a long time.