Brand experience workshops were dedicated to the new brand.


The agency’s task was to present the new brand on the Polish market using event-experience tools. The intention was that employees could better understand and feel the characteristics of the brand’s personality.


In response to the brief, the agency has prepared innovative and attractive workshops with the intention of experiencing the brand’s attributes and values. In this respect, over a dozen stands with animations were dedicated to individual brand features that were supposed to stimulate different senses. For example, in one of the stands participants could listen to two telephone conversations with the customer: a standard approach and the second one which would distinguish the new brand. In another booth, participants explored hidden objects with their hands which allowed them to experience extremely different tactile sensations. The integration part on the other hand was filled with artistic and entertainment attractions.


The change of the company’s colors should not be only “done on paper”. It should be experienced with all senses by learning the brand’s DNA, its personality and values. In case of Alphabet, there was also great satisfaction resulting from attractive form of communication.